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Dutch Railway Stamps: Twig stamps

Survey of twig stamps

The twig stamp is a trajectory stamp and got its name from the little twig at the bottom of the stamp. The twig stamp was used from November 1865 to about September 1882. The stamp was not an official destruction stamp. After 1877 it was used as such in a few cases. The postmark occurs in combination with dot postmarks, stop postmarks and franco postmarks.
We see from some post offices that twig stamps were used that were never issued. This concerns free twig stamps from which the free part has been removed. Post offices have done this because their regular postmark (two letter or small round) was no longer available and while waiting for a new postmark they have used the free twig postmark without the free part for a short time (sometimes several days).
Below you find a few examples of twig stamps (Dutch: takjestempels).

Dutch twig stamp

A twig stamp was sent on July 10, 1869 to the Inspector in Breda and was intended for the conductor on the Breda-Maastricht route.
Dutch twig stamp

This twig stamp was sent on August 28, 1871 for the train route Amsterdam- Emmerik.
Dutch twig stamp

Eindhoven - Maastricht, 16 October, 1872.
Dutch twig stamp

Trajectory Haarlem - Den Helder, 8 October 1873.
Dutch twig stamp

Almelo - Enschede 20 September, 1877.

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