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Look up an English country name and see what it is in Dutch and what it looks like on the stamp.

Country names in English (alphabetically) and Dutch.

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English Dutch on the stamp later named
Abkhazia AbchaziŽ ---
Aden Aden Aden ---
Afars and Issas Afars en Issas Territoire FranÁais
des Afars et des Issas
Afghanistan Afghanistan ---
Ajman Ajman ---
Åland Åland Åland ---
Albania AlbaniŽ ShqipŽria or Shqipenia or
ShqipŽnie or Shqipnija or
posta Shqyptare
Alderney Alderney Alderney ---
Algeria Algerije Algerie + ---
Allenstein Allenstein Olsztyn and/or Allenstein (town in) Poland
Andorra, Spanish Andorra, Spaans Andorra ---
Angola Angola Angola ---
Anguilla Anguilla Anguilla or St.Christopher.Nevis.Anguilla ---
Antigua Antigua Antigua or Antigua and Barbuda ---
Argentina ArgentiniŽ Argentina ---
Armenia ArmeniŽ Armenia and/or ---
Artsakh Artsakh
Nagorno Karabach /Bergkarabach
Artsakh or ---
Aruba Aruba Aruba ---
Ascension Ascension Ascension ---
Australia AustraliŽ Australia ---
Austria Oostenrijk ÷sterreich ---
Azerbaijan Azerbeidzjan or or ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Bahamas Bahamas Bahamas ---
Bahrain Bahrein Bahrain and ---
Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh and ---
Barbados Barbados Barbados ---
Barbuda Barbuda Barbuda or Antigua & Barbuda ---
Basutoland Basutoland Basutoland Lesotho
Batumi Batoemi Batum or or (town in) Georgia
Bavaria Beieren Bayern Germany
Bechuanaland Beetsjoeanaland Bechuanaland Botswana / South Africa
Belarus Witrusland of Belarus Belarus and ---
Belgian Congo Belgisch Congo Congo Belge and Belgisch Congo ZaÔre, later: Congo Kinshasa or
Democratic Republic Congo
Belgium BelgiŽ BelgiŽ and Belgique ---
Belize Belize Belize ---
Benin Benin Benin ---
Bequia Bequia Bequia + Grenadines of St. Vincent ---
Bermuda Bermuda Bermuda ---
Bhutan Bhutan Bhutan and ---
Bohemia and Moravia Bohemen en MoraviŽ BŲhmen und Mšhren and Czech Republic
Bolivia BoliviŽ Bolivia ---
Bophuthatswana Bophutatswana Bophuthatswana South Africa
Bosnia and Herzegovina BosniŽ-Herzegovina Bosnien Herzegowina ---
Botswana Botswana Botswana ---
Brazil BraziliŽ Brasil ---
British Guiana Brits Guiana British Guiana Guyana
British Honduras Brits Honduras British Honduras Belize
British Indian Ocean Territory Brits territorium in de Indische Oceaan British Indian Ocean Territory ---
British Somaliland Brits Somaliland Somaliland protectorate Somaliland
British South Africa Company Britse Zuidafrikaanse compagnie British South Africa Company and Rhodesia Zambia
Brunei Brunei Brunei ---
Bulgaria Bulgarije Bulgaria and/or ---
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Burkina Faso ---
Burma Birma Burma Myanmar
Burundi Burundi Burundi ---
Buryatia BuriatiŽ Buriatia or ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Caicos Islands Caicos Eilanden (Turks &) Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands
Cambodia Cambodja Cambodge or Kampuchea
Cameroon Kameroen Cameroun ---
Canada Canada Canada ---
Canouan Canouan Canouan + Grenadines of St. Vincent ---
Cape Juby Kaap Juby Cabo Juby and Marruecos or España Morocco
Cape Verde KaapverdiŽ Cabo Verde ---
Cayman Islands Caymaneilanden or Kaaimaneilanden Cayman Islands ---
Central-African Republic Centraal-Afrikaanse Republiek Republique Centrafricaine ---
Central Congo Midden-Congo Moyen-Congo or Congo Congo
Ceylon Ceylon Ceylon Sri Lanka
Chad Tsjaad Tchad ---
Chechnya TsjetsjeniŽ Chechenia Russia
Chili Chili Chile ---
China China China and/or ---
China Taiwan China Taiwan China and ---
China: People's Republic of China China: Volksrepubliek China ---
Christmas Island Christmaseiland of Kersteiland Christmas Island (and Australia) ---
Colombia Colombia Colombia ---
Comoros Comoren Comores ---
Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Brazzaville Republique (populaire) du Congo ---
Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa /
Democratische Republiek Congo
Republique du Congo ---
Cook Islands Cookeilanden Cook Islands ---
Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica ---
Croatia KroatiŽ Hrvatska ---
Curaçao Curaçao Curaçao ---
Cuba Cuba Cuba ---
Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus and/or Kibris and ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Dahomey Dahomey Dahomey Benin
Denmark Denemarken Danmark ---
Dhufar Dhofar Dhufar and (part of) Oman
Djibouti Djibouti Djibouti ---
Dominica Dominica Dominica ---
Dominican Republic Dominicaanse Republiek Republica Dominicana ---
Dubai Dubai Dubai and/or United Arab Emirates (UAE)
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Ecuador Ecuador Ecuador ---
Egypt Egypte Egypt or Egypte and or UAR ---
El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador ---
Equatorial Guinea Equatoriaal-Guinea Guinea Ecuatorial ---
Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea and ---
Estonia Estland Eesti ---
Eswatini Eswatini Eswatini or Swaziland ---
Ethiopia EthiopiŽ Ethiopia and ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Falkland Islands Falklandeilanden Falkland Islands ---
Fernando Po Fernando Po Fernando Poo and España (part of) Equatorial Guinea
Fiji Islands Fiji(-eilanden) Fiji ---
Finland Finland Suomi or Suomi Finland ---
France Frankrijk France ---
French Equatorial Africa Frans Equatoriaal Afrika Afrique …quatoriale Française Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville and Central-African Republic and Chad
French Guinea Frans-Guinee Afrique Occidentale Française and Guinťe or Guinťe or
Guinťe Française
French Indochina Frans-Indochina Indochine Vietnam and Cambodia and China and Laos
French Morocco Frans-Marokko Maroc and Morocco
French Polynesia Frans-PolynesiŽ Polynťsie franÁaise ---
French Somali coast Franse Somalikust Côte Française des Somalis Djibouti
French Southern and Antarctic Lands Frans Antarctica Terres australes et antarctiques franÁaises or TAAF ---
French West Africa Frans West-Afrika Afrique Occidentale Française Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Niger,
Upper Volta > Burkina Faso,
Dahomey > Benin
Fujeira Fujairah Fujeira ---
Funafuti Funafuti Funafuti + Tuvalu Tuvalu
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Gabon Gabon Gabon or Rťpublique Gabonaise ---
(The) Gambia Gambia Gambia or The Gambia ---
Georgia GeorgiŽ Georgia and ---
German Democratic Republic (GDR) Duitse Democratische Republiek (DDR) DDR and/or Deutsche Democratische Republik Germany
German Empire Duitse Rijk Deutsches Reich and/or Grossdeutsches Reich Germany
Germany Duitsland Deutschland ---
Germany, Federal Republic Bondsrepubliek Duitsland Deutsche Bundespost or Deutschland ---
Germany, Berlin Duitsland, Berlijn Deutsche Bundespost Berlin Germany
Ghana Ghana Ghana ---
Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar ---
Gilbert- & Ellice Islands Gilbert- & Ellice-eilanden Gilbert- & Ellice Islands Gilbert Islands > Kiribati
Ellice Islands > Tuvalu
Gold Coast Goudkust Gold Coast Ghana
Grenada Grenada Grenada ---
Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique ---
Grenadines of Grenada Grenadinen van Grenada Grenada Grenadines ---
Grenadines of St. Vincent Grenadinen van St.-Vincent Grenadines of St. Vincent or
St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Greece Griekenland Hellas and/or ---
Greenland Groenland Grønland ---
Great Britain Groot-BrittanniŽ No name, but monarch's head: ---
Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala ---
Guernsey Guernsey Guernsey ---
Guinea Guinee Guinťe ---
Guinea-Bissau Guinee-Bissau Guinť-Bissau ---
Guyana Guyana Guyana ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Haiti HaÔti Rťpublique d'Haiti ---
Hatay Hatay Hatay Turkey
Honduras Honduras Honduras ---
Hungary Hongarije Magyar (Posta) or Magyar (Ország) ---
Hong-Kong Hongkong Hong Kong and China
I - J    
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Iceland IJsland Island ---
India India India and/or ---
Indochina Indochina Indochine Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Indonesia IndonesiŽ Indonesia ---
Iran Iran Iran and ---
Iraq Irak Iraq and ---
Ireland Ierland …ire ---
Isle of Man Eiland Man Isle of Man ---
Israel IsraŽl Israel and/or ---
Italian Eritrea Italiaans Eritrea poste Italiane + Eritrea Ethiopia
Italy ItaliŽ Italia ---
Ivory Coast Ivoorkust Côte-d'Ivoire ---
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica ---
Japan Japan Nippon and ---
Jersey Jersey Jersey ---
Jordan JordaniŽ Jordan and ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Kalmykia KalmukkiŽ of KalmoekiŽ Kalmykia and/or ---
Karakalpakstan KarakalpakiŽ Karakalpakia Uzbekistan
Karatchevo Circassian Karatchevo-CherkessiŽ Russia
Karelia [1] (Russian)> KareliŽ Karelija Russia
Karelia [2] (Finnish) KareliŽ Karjala Finland
Katanga Katanga Katanga Congo-Kinshasa
Kazakhstan Kazachstan Kazakhstan and ---
Kenya Kenia Kenya ---
Kenya-Uganda-Tanganyika Kenia-Oeganda-Tanganjika / Oost-Afrika Kenya-Uganda-Tanganyika Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Kyrgyzstan KirgiziŽ Kyrgyzstan and/or ---
Kiribati Kiribati Kiribati ---
Komi Komi Komi Russia
Kosovo Kosovo Kosova ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Labuan Labuan Labuan Malaysia
Laos Laos Laos or Lao and ---
Leeward Islands Leewardeilanden Leeward Islands Virgin Islands
Latvia Letland Latvija ---
Lebanon Libanon Liban or Republique Libanaise and ---
Lesotho Lesotho Lesotho ---
Liberia Liberia Liberia ---
Libya LibiŽ Libia or Libya and + ---
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtenstein ---
Lithuania Litouwen Lietuva ---
Luxembourg Luxemburg Luxembourg ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Macau Macau Macau or Macau China China
Macedonia MacedoniŽ Makedonija or North Macedonia
Madagascar or Malagasy Madagaskar or MalagasiŽ Madagascar or Malagasy ---
Madeira Madeira Madeira + Portugal ---
Malawi Malawi Malawi ---
Maldives Malediven Maldive Islands or Maldives ---
Malaysia MaleisiŽ Malaysia or Malay ---
Malaysian States Maleisische staten Malaysia + name of state:
Johor / Kedah / Kelantan / Kuala Lumpur / Labuan / Malacca / Melaka / Negeri Sembilan / Pahang / Penang / Perak / Perlis / Pulau Pinang / Putrajaya / Sabah / Sarawak / Selangor / Trengganu /
Mali Mali Mali ---
Malta Malta Malta ---
Morocco Marokko Maroc ---
Marshall Islands Marshalleilanden Marshall Islands ---
Martinique Martinique Martinique ---
Mauritania MauretaniŽ Mauritania or Mauritanie ---
Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius ---
Mayreau Mayreau Mayreau + Grenadines of St. Vincent ---
Mexico Mexico Mexico ---
Micronesia MicronesiŽ Micronesia ---
Moldavia MoldaviŽ Moldova ---
Monaco Monaco Monaco ---
Mongolia MongoliŽ Mongolia and ---
Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro or ---
Montserrat Montserrat Montserrat ---
Mordovia MordoviŽ Mordovia ---
Mozambique Mozambique Moçambique ---
Mustique Mustique Mustique (Island) + Grenadines of St. Vincent ---
Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Najd Nedzj or Nadjd or Nedzjed Saudi Arabia
Namibia NamibiŽ Namibia ---
Nanumaga Nanumaga Nanumaga + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nanumea Nanumea Nanumea + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nauru Nauru Nauru ---
(The) Netherlands Nederland Nederland ---
Netherlands Antillen Nederlandse Antilles Nederlandse Antillen ---
Netherlands-Indies Nederlands-IndiŽ Nederlands-IndiŽ or Ned.-IndiŽ or
Ned Indie or Nederl Indie
Nevis Nevis Nevis ----
New Brunswick Nieuw-Brunswick New Brunswick Canada
New Caledonia Nieuw-CaledoniŽ Nouvelle Caledonie et dťpendances --
New Zealand Nieuw-Zeeland New Zealand ---
Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaragua ---
Niger Niger Niger ---
Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria ---
Niuafo'ou Niuafo'ou Niuafo'ou (and Tonga) ---
Niue Niue Niue (+ Cook Islands) ---
Niutao Niutao Niutao + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nui Nui Nui + Tuvalu Tuvalu
North Borneo Noord-Borneo North Borneo Sabah > Malaysia
North Korea Noord-Korea DPR Korea and ---
North Macedonia Noord-MacedoniŽ ---
Northern Rhodesia Noord-RhodesiŽ Northern Rhodesia Zambia
Norway Noorwegen Norge ---
Norfolk Island Norfolkeiland Norfolk Island ---
Nukufetau Nukufetau Nukufetau + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nukulaelae Nukulaelae Nukulaelae + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Nyasaland Nyasaland Nyasaland Malawi
O - P    
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Oman Oman Oman and ---
Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan and ---
Palau Palau Palau ---
Palestine authority Palestina Palestine ---
Panama Panama Panama ---
Panama Canal Zone Panamakanaalzone Canal Zone Panama
Papua New Guinea Papoea Nieuw Guinea Papua (&) New Guinea ---
Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay ---
Penrhyn Penrhyn Penrhyn ---
Peru Peru Peru ---
Philippines Filippijnen Philippines ---
Pitcairn Pitcairn Pitcairn ---
Poland Polen Polska ---
Portugal Portugal Portugal ---
Portuguese Guinea Portugees Guinea top: Republica Portuguesa
bottom: Guinť
Portuguese India Portugees India top: Republica Portuguesa
bottom: Estado da India
India and Pakistan
Portuguese Timor Portugees Timor top: Republica Portuguesa
bottom: Timor
East Timor
Q - R    
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Qatar Qatar Qatar and ---
Qu'aiti State of Hadhramaut Qu'aiti Staat Hadhramaut Qu'aiti State of Hadhramaut and/or Yemen
Rarotonga Rarotonga Rarotonga or Cook Islands ---
Ras al-Khaima Ras al-Khaima Ras al-Khaima and ---
Reunion Rťunion Reunion ---
Rhodesia RhodesiŽ Rhodesia Zimbabwe
Rhodesia and Nyasaland RhodesiŽ en Nyasaland Rhodesia and Nyasaland Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi
Romania RoemeniŽ Romania or posta Romina
or posta Romana
Ruanda-Urundi Ruanda-Urundi Ruanda-Urundi Rwanda + Burundi
Russia Rusland Russia and ---
Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda or Republique Rwandaise ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Samoa Samoa Samoa ---
San Marino San Marino San Marino ---
S„o Tomť and PrŪncipe Sao Tomť en Principe S Tomť e Principe ---
Saudi Arabia Saoedi-ArabiŽ Saudi Arabia or L'Arabie Saoudite or ---
Senegal Senegal Senegal or Sťnťgal ---
Serbia ServiŽ Serbia and ----
Serbia and Montenegro ServiŽ en Montenegro Serbia + Montenegro
Seychelles Seychellen Seychelles ---
Sharjah Sharjah Sharjah & dependencies United Arab Emirates
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Sierra Leone ---
Singapore Singapore Singapore ---
Slovakia Slowakije Slovenko ---
Slovenia SloveniŽ Slovenija ---
Solomon Islands Salomonseilanden Solomon Islands ---
Somalia SomaliŽ Somalia or Somali democratic rep. ---
South Africa Zuid-Afrika Suidafrika or Suid-Afrika or South Africa ---
Southern Rhodesia Zuid-RhodesiŽ Southern Rhodesia Zimbabwe
South Korea Zuid-Korea Korea and ---
Southwest Africa Zuidwest-Afrika Suidwes Afrika or Suidwes-Afrika or SWA or South West Africa Namibia
South Vietnam Zuid-Vietnam Vietnam
Soviet Union Sowjet Unie and CCCP Belarus / Armenia / Azerbaijan / Ukrain / Uzbekistan / Georgia / Estonia / Lithuania / Latvia / Kyrgyzstan / Russia / Tajikistan / Turkmenistan / Moldavia / Kazakhstan
Spain Spanje España ---
Spanish Morocco Spaans Marokko Marruecos Morocco
Spanish Sahara Spaanse Sahara Sahara Español or Sahara Occidental Morocco
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka and ---
St. Christopher/St. Kitts St.-Christopher/St.-Kitts St. Christopher/St. Kitts Saint Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla + Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Helena St.-Helena St. Helena Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
St. Kitts-Nevis St.-Kitts-Nevis St. Kitts-Nevis ---
St. Kitts St.-Kitts St. Kitts Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia St.-Lucia St. Lucia ---
Saint Pierre and Miquelon St.-Pierre et Miquelon St. Pierre et Miquelon or
Saint(-)Pierre et Miquelon or
St Pierre & Miquelon and/or
St. Vincent St.-Vincent St. Vincent St. Vincent and the Grenadines
St. Vincent and the Grenadines St.-Vincent en de Grenadinen St. Vincent and the Grenadines ---
Sudan Soedan Sudan and ---
Surinam Suriname Suriname ---
Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland or Eswatini Eswatini
Sweden Zweden Sverige ---
Switzerland Zwitserland Helvetia ---
Syria SyriŽ Syrie or Syria or
Syrian Arab Republic or
Republique Syrienne
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Tajikistan Tadzjikistan Tajikistan and
Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania ---
Thailand Thailand Thailand and ---
Thrace ThraciŽ overprint on Greek and Bulgarian stamps Turkey and Bulgaria
Togo Togo Togo or Republique Togolaise ---
Tokelau Tokelau Tokelau or Tokelau Islands ---
Tonga Tonga Tonga ---
Transkei Transkei Transkei South Africa
Transnistria TransnistriŽ transnistrie
Transvaal Transvaal Transvaal or Zuidafrikaansche Republiek South Africa
Trieste TriŽst overprint on Yugoslavia: VUJA-STT Italy / Slovenia
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad en Tobago Trinidad and Tobago ---
Tristan da Cunha Tristan da Cunha Tristan da Cunha ---
Tunisia TunesiŽ Tunisie or Republique Tunisienne ---
Turkey Turkije TŁrkiye ---
Turkish Cyprus Turks Cyprus Kuzey Kibris TŁrk ---
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan ot TŁrkmenpoçta ---
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks- en Caicoseilanden Turks & Caicos Islands ---
Tuva (Tannoe-)Toeva Touva and/or TbBA ---
Tuvalu Tuvalu Tuvalu ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Uganda Oeganda Uganda ---
Ukrain OekraÔne Ukraina and ---
Umm al Qiwain Umm al Qiwain Umm al Qiwain and ---
Union Island Union Island Union Island + Grenadines of St. Vincent St. Vincent and the Grenadines
United Arab Emirates Verenigde Arabische Emiraten U.A.E. and ---
United Nations Verenigde Naties United Nations or UN ---
United States of America (USA) Verenigde Staten van Amerika United States of America or
US postage or United States or USA
Upper Volta Opper-Volta Haute(-)Volta Burkina Faso
Uruguay Uruguay Uruguay ---
Uzbekistan Oezbekistan O'zbekiston or Uzbekistan and ---
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Vaitupu Vaitupu Vaitupu + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Vanuatu Vanuatu Vanuatu + Tuvalu Tuvalu
Vatican Vatikaan(stad) poste Vaticane or Cittŗ del Vaticano
Vietnam Vietnam ---
Virgin Islands Maagdeneilanden British Virgin Islands or Virgin Islands
or Br. Virgin Islands
Wallis and Futuna Wallis en Futuna Wallis et Futuna ---
Western Sahara Westelijke Sahara Sahara Occ. (R.A.S.D.) and (disputed territory)
Western Samoa West-Samoa Western Samoa and/or Samoa i Sisifo Samoa
West Irian West-Irian opdruk: IRIAN BARAT Indonesia
X - Y - Z    
English Dutch on the stamp later named
Yemen Jemen Yemen and/or YAR ---
Young Island Youngeiland
(onder G: Grenadinen St. Vincent)
Young Island + Grenadines of St. Vincent St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Yugoslavia JoegoslaviŽ Jugoslavija and/or Serbia / Montenegro / Slovenia / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Kosovo / North Macedonia /Croatia
Zaire ZaÔre Zaire or ZaÔre DR Congo
Zambia Zambia Zambia ---
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe ---
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