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Dutch Railway Stamps: Cancellations

Survey of Cancellations

International Tramway Congres, The Hague, 26 June till 3 July, 1932.

3rd Congres of the Airmail association BZPC, Rotterdam, 05-03-1944. It shows the Rotterdam Railway vertical lift-bridge.

First Day cancellation of the stamp Centenary, The Hague, 28-06-1952. Steam Train on the right.

First Day cancellation of the stamp Centenary, Utrecht, 28-06-1952. Steam Train on the right.
Amsterdam Central Station cancel, 1952.

First Day cancellation of Summer Stamps, The Hague, 25-04-1955. The lines on the left below are tram rails.

International Congres of Fast Traffic Teetotallers' Association, which used to be a Railway Teetotallers' Association, Utrecht, 8/9-06-1959. It shows a winged railway wheel.

Commemoration cancellation: 125 years of Dutch Railways: 28-07-1964.

International Railway Stamp Exhibition Spoorphilex '64, Utrecht, 16 to 20 September, 1964. Destination board.

International swap meeting Interphil, Geleen, 11-10-1964 Goods train in the lower left hand corner.

Electrification of the Arnhem - Oberhausen line, Arnhem, 18-05-1966. the postmark shows Arnhem station.

Conférence internationale des trains Speciaux d'agences de voyage: 7 to 11 November 1966. At the bottom right you see the nose of a diesel train.

The line Venlo - Cologne electrified, 27-05-1968.

The line Venlo - Cologne electrified, 27-05-1968.

Culemborg railway bridge centenary: 01-11-1968.

International railway stamp exhibition Spoorphilex '69 in Utrecht: 6 to 8 June 1969. It shows the nose of a TEE train.

Philatelic exhibition: Treno Italia in Amsterdam: 8 and 9 May, 1974.

Commemoration cancellation: first ride of the Steamtrain service Tilburg - Baarle-Nassau by SSTT: 15-06-1974.

Inaugural trip of the Veluwsche Stroomtrein Maatschappij, Apeldoorn, 14-07-1975.

Opening of 'Hoogspoor' which means that the elevations which lead the trains through the city had been completed, Breda, 10/12-10-1975.

Special Steamtrain ride: Groningen - Leeuwarden: 16-05-1976.

rally Amphilex 77, Middelburg, 28-05-1977.

Commemoration cancellation: 100 years of the line Zutphen - Winterswijk: 19-09-1978.

Commemoration cancellation: 125 years of Valkenburg railway station: 20-10-1978.

Commemoration cancellation: Conference of Rail Passenger Transport Companies concerning rates. 17-09 / 24-09-1980.

Commemoration cancellation: Centenary of "Brabantsche Buurtspoorwegen en Autobusdiensten" (BBA) in the province of Noord-Brabant, which is situated in the south of the Netherlands. 26-09 / 31-10-1980.

Opening of Schiphol Airport line: The Hague - Leiden - Schiphol - Amsterdam, 01-06-1981.

Re-opening of railway bridge near Deventer, 07-05-1982.

Hem railwaybridge is no longer. NS will use the Hem railway tunnel instead, Zaandam, 28-05-1983.

Commemoration of a decade of the Amsterdam Underground, 14-10-1987.

The new Flevo line from Amsterdam to Lelystad completed. Lelystad, 28-05-1988. The cancellation also exists in green and red.
Tilburg 1988. Cancel from Philatelic Counter showing Tilburg Railway Station.
Amsterdam Zuidoost (South East) 1988. Cancel from Philatelic Counter showing Amsterdam metro.
Spijkenisse 1989. Cancel from Philatelic Counter showing the station viaduct, with the platform resting on delta-shaped steel girders.

First Day cancellation of 150 years of Dutch Railways, 1989.

50 Years of Venlo railway station: 24-06-1989.

Cancellation of the exhibition Reizen door de tijd - trains through time - which was held in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs - Fair Building - in 1989.

Train mail cancellation of the SGB (Steam Tram Goes - Borssele), a museum railway company in the Dutch province of Zeeland 8-6-1993.

Opening of Willems Railway Tunnel, Rotterdam, 15-09-1993.

Opening of the southern connection of the Amsterdam underground system, Amsterdam, 21-05-1993.

International railway stamp exhibition Ferphilex/Spoormophilex '96, Utrecht, 30-08-1996. It shows a Thalys HST in front of the Utrecht Dom Tower.

International railway stamp exhibition Ferphilex '96, Utrecht, 30-08-1996. The cancellation proves the presence of the Belgian Post Service at the exhibition / fair.

First postal ride on the Haaksbergen - Boekelo line by museum steam tram, Haaksbergen, 18/19-04-1998.

Cancellation for the 14-10-2005 FDC.

Youth Philately Day, 29 March 2008.

Cancellation for the 8 September 2014 FDC.

Youth Philately Day, 13 May 2017.

Cancellation for the 19 August 2019 FDC.

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