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Dutch postal stationery about railways

Postcards, railway letters, freight letters.

railway letter
examples of railway letters
freight letter
example of freight letter
postcard with a notice
example of a delivery notice

25-10-1999: postcard.

A series of five postcards was issued by Royal Dutch Mail in the "Twentieth Century" series and was called The Age of Transport. These postcards were not available at ordinary post offices, but they could be obtained from "Collect Club" in Groningen and The Communication Museum in The Hague as a set of five for four guilders.

Designer: Richard Sluijs
print: Offset
paper: --
Perforation: --
Watermark: --
Circulation: 30,000

01-06-1996: postcard.

Below the Dutch card is a postcard of the Belgian Mail Service with a cancellation stamp of Thalys.

Belgian postcard 1996-Thalys cancellation stamp

14-10-2005: four postcards with locomotives.

Apart from a set of stamps and a sheet (see: ordinary stamps from the main menu) TPG Post issued a set of four postcards with similar designs as the stamps. At the back they are imprinted with a stamp of the same design.

Designer: Kummer & Herrman
print: Offset
paper: --
Perforation: --
Watermark: --
Circulation: 25,000 each

railway letters

This is an example of a railway letter. The special railway stamp should be applied on the back of the postcard or envelope. Here it was stuck on the front. Nevertheless this postcard reached its destination without extra charges.

From 1924 up to 1979 journalists used special envelopes to send their messages to their newspapers. The letter could be handed to a conductor or train driver of a train at the point of leaving the station. As faxing became more and more popular this service was cancelled in 1979.

freight letter

This is an example of a freight letter. Such a piece of paper accompanied the goods travelling by train. A railway letter stamp should be applied.

example of postcard with delivery notice

This is an example of a postcard telling a person that his goods have been delivered and can be collected at the station.

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