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Dutch Railway Stamps: First Day Cards

Survey of First Day Cards

Clever entrepreneur J.A.Huisman came up with the idea of the first day card in the eighties of the previous century to get some money out of the collectors' pockets. He bought very cheap cancelled stamps and the production costs of one plastic card, the size of a credit card, were also very low, but he sold these cards for a lot of money, about 12 guilders. A goldmine for him, as long as it lasted, and a pain in the ass for the collector who bought them, for they are worth next to nothing now. The first card was produced in 1981 and the series ran through 2001. All cards have a round cancellation stamp of the philatelic counter in Groningen.

20-10-1981: First Day Card number 1: black-and-white image of the Kijfhoek shunting area.

06-05-1985: First Day Card number 74: Resistance and Liberation.

20-06-1989: First Day Cards numbers 162 - 163 - 164: 150 Years of Dutch Railways.

06-08-1996: First Day Card number 379: Holland Water Country with Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

07-09-1999: First Day Card number 521: Stork Machine Company.

04-03-2001: First Day Card number 656: priority stamp: Rotterdam European cultural capital with Erasmus Bridge.
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