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Dutch Railway Stamps: Cancellations

Survey of Cancellations

International Tramway Congres, The Hague, 26 June till 3 July, 1932.

3rd Congres of the Airmail association BZPC, Rotterdam, 05-03-1944. It shows the Rotterdam Railway vertical lift-bridge.

First Day cancellation of the stamp Centenary, The Hague, 28-06-1952. Steam Train on the right.

First Day cancellation of the stamp Centenary, Utrecht, 28-06-1952. Steam Train on the right.

First Day cancellation of Summer Stamps, The Hague, 25-04-1955. The lines on the left below are tram rails.

International Congres of Fast Traffic Teetotallers' Association, which used to be a Railway Teetotallers' Association, Utrecht, 8/9-06-1959. It shows a winged railway wheel.

Commemoration cancellation: 125 years of Dutch Railways: 28-07-1964.

International Railway Stamp Exhibition Spoorphilex '64, Utrecht, 16 to 20 September, 1964. Destination board.

International swap meeting Interphil, Geleen, 11-10-1964 Goods train in the lower left hand corner.

Electrification of the Arnhem - Oberhausen line, Arnhem, 18-05-1966. the postmark shows Arnhem station.

Conférence internationale des trains Speciaux d'agences de voyage: 7 to 11 November 1966. At the bottom right you see the nose of a diesel train.

The line Venlo - Cologne electrified, 27-05-1968.

The line Venlo - Cologne electrified, 27-05-1968.

Culemborg railway bridge centenary: 01-11-1968.

International railway stamp exhibition Spoorphilex '69 in Utrecht: 6 to 8 June 1969. It shows the nose of a TEE train.

Philatelic exhibition: Treno Italia in Amsterdam: 8 and 9 May, 1974.

Commemoration cancellation: first ride of the Steamtrain service Tilburg - Baarle-Nassau by SSTT: 15-06-1974.

Inaugural trip of the Veluwsche Stroomtrein Maatschappij, Apeldoorn, 14-07-1975.

Opening of 'Hoogspoor' which means that the elevations which lead the trains through the city had been completed, Breda, 10/12-10-1975.

Special Steamtrain ride: Groningen - Leeuwarden: 16-05-1976.

rally Amphilex 77, Middelburg, 28-05-1977.

Commemoration cancellation: 100 years of the line Zutphen - Winterswijk: 19-09-1978.

Commemoration cancellation: 125 years of Valkenburg railway station: 20-10-1978.

Commemoration cancellation: Conference of Rail Passenger Transport Companies concerning rates. 17-09 / 24-09-1980.

Commemoration cancellation: Centenary of "Brabantsche Buurtspoorwegen en Autobusdiensten" (BBA) in the province of Noord-Brabant, which is situated in the south of the Netherlands. 26-09 / 31-10-1980.

Opening of Schiphol Airport line: The Hague - Leiden - Schiphol - Amsterdam, 01-06-1981.

Re-opening of railway bridge near Deventer, 07-05-1982.

Hem railwaybridge is no longer. NS will use the Hem railway tunnel instead, Zaandam, 28-05-1983.

Commemoration of a decade of the Amsterdam Underground, 14-10-1987.

The new Flevo line from Amsterdam to Lelystad completed. Lelystad, 28-05-1988. The cancellation also exists in green and red.

First Day cancellation of 150 years of Dutch Railways.

50 Years of Venlo railway station: 24-06-1989.

Cancellation of the exhibition Reizen door de tijd - trains through time - which was held in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs - Fair Building - in 1989.

Train mail cancellation of the SGB (Steam Tram Goes - Borssele), a museum railway company in the Dutch province of Zeeland 8-6-1993.

Opening of Willems Railway Tunnel, Rotterdam, 15-09-1993.

Opening of the southern connection of the Amsterdam underground system, Amsterdam, 21-05-1993.

International railway stamp exhibition Ferphilex/Spoormophilex '96, Utrecht, 30-08-1996. It shows a Thalys HST in front of the Utrecht Dom Tower.

International railway stamp exhibition Ferphilex '96, Utrecht, 30-08-1996. The cancellation proves the presence of the Belgian Post Service at the exhibition / fair.

First postal ride on the Haaksbergen - Boekelo line by museum steam tram, Haaksbergen, 18/19-04-1998.

Cancellation for the 14-10-2005 FDC.

Youth Philately Day, 29 March 2008.

Cancellation for the 8 September 2014 FDC.

Youth Philately Day, 13 May 2017.

Cancellation for the 19 August 2019 FDC.

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